Revers Energy Corp.

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Revers is an innovative energy developer and independent power producer with focus on wind, hydroelectric, and solar power as well as advanced battery products.
Revers Energy Corp.
Energy, Innovation
Key findings

Revers is a company that drives development and innovation in clean energy solutions. They desired to grow further and become large players in the marketplace looking for people to invest in future of renewable energy.


Their website needs to reflect who they are, display their strategy and reach out to future investors. The goal is to develop an interactive website where their users can interact with and showcasing their projects, future plans and the value of the market.


To come up with an innovative and dynamic web design that not only looks good, but also makes the visitors convert into investors by filling out the IR contact forms. The goal was a site with a very clear content structure that’s intuitive and highly user-friendly that puts the user experience first.


Utilizing a clean design and powerful photography, the new website sends a strong and clear message. Several different Call-to-actions throughout the site guide the user to the contact form. As a part of this task, I added interactive animations to reflect the core expertise of the business and maximize the conversion rate.

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