Autory Mobile Banking

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Autory is is a financial services platform that provides easy online banking in a mobile app. With the personalized credit card it wants to create a product that connects better with all users.
Autory Mobile Banking
Banking, Finance
Web + App Design
Key findings

Mobile banking should be a simple and smooth experience. The company will attract more customers if it proves that signing up and managing your credit card is easy — even for those who don’t have any experience.


Making the sign-up process and mobile banking intuitive enough for users to navigate through products and increase revenue for the bank. The goal is to promote debit and debit cards and drive increases in card usage, balance transfers and credit line extensions.


Autory wants to allow users to manage their cards and solve problems in-app. To do that, they requested a redesign of the card management section and to make it feel more personal, which would provide a clear and simple flow, where users feel secured.


To enhance the existing personality I used a minimalistic, modern design and multi-tone gradients. This emphasizes the message they want to send, and the page looks clean and pleasant. Showing personalized cards increases users’ confidence in signing up for new cards. For the sake of consistency, I decided to visually simplify the corresponding app, giving the platform a vibrant, energetic feel.

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